Rechargeable Mosquito Lantern

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  • Zapout 2 In 1 Mosquito Bug Zapper & Portable Camping Lantern
  • 3 LED Lights And 1 Emergency Flashlight
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • Lantern Brightness 200 Lumen
  • IPX6-Certified Rainproof- Completely Waterproof

Zapout Mosquito Bug Zapper & Portable Rechargeable Lantern uses the power of UV light to draw in and kill mosquitoes & bugs using its powerful 1000V grid. It works as a portable lantern light used in patio & other outdoor gathering places

AquaBlackLime Green




Amazing Features

Zapout Rechargeable Mosquito Lantern provides up to 200 sq. ft. of the bug-free zone, making it comfortable to sit outside & camp without being bitten by mosquitoes.

Lantern LED

Use of 3 LED increases lantern brightness up to 200 Lumens


The lantern gives a splendid life with proper maintenance

Input voltage

It works approximately 3 hours with a charge time of 5V/1A

Power Source

Built-in Rechargeable 2000 mAh Battery which charges via included USB cable

Attracts and Kills Mosquitoes and Insects up to 200 sqft.

  • Powerful 1200 V Zapping Grid Kills Mosquitoes On Contact.
  • 3 Different Lantern Brightness Settings
  • LED Color (Cool White) 6000-6500 K
  • Great For Emergencies And Power Outages.
  • Can Brighten A 300 Sqft Room.

Weather and Water Proof

  • Great For Camping, Fishing, BBQ And Outdoor Entertaining
  • Performs Well And All Weather Conditions
  • Safe To Use / Environmental Friendly
  • Energy Efficient And Non-Toxic
  • Reclaim Your Home And Rid Your Indoor & Outdoor Living Areas Mosquitoes And Insects

2-1 Mosquito Zapper and Lantern

A unique and practical combination of mosquitoes and insect control and portable lighting.

  • Bug Zapper Works Up To 22 Hrs.
  • 50 LM (Up To 20 Hrs Working Time)
  • 100 LM ( Up To 10 Hrs Working Time)
  • 220 LM (Up To 6 Hrs Working Time)
  • Simulates Natural Day Light.
  • Recess Hanger Allows Zapout To Be Used As An Over Head Light.


  • Kills Mosquitoes And Bugs
  • No Chemicals
  • UV Zapper Works Over 12.5 Hrs
  • 28 Hrs Of Lighting On One Charge

Waterproof Mosquito Zapper

Zapout Mosquito Zapper Emergency Rechargeable Lantern is a portable and convenient way to control pesky mosquitoes and flying insect while providing the perfect lighting on the go.

Great for Camping, Fishing, Outdoor Entertaining, Boating, Fishing, BBQ/Parties and Power outages. Zapout has you protected. Send a message to flying, biting bugs that you’re not playing around.

Whenever you want to sit outside with loved ones and enjoy the evening, the lights you put on only seem to draw biting bugs into your area, making a meal out of all of you.

This innovative lantern uses bright, ultraviolet LED’s to light your patio, porch or other outdoor gathering places. All the mosquitoes drawn to the light are quickly zapped away. Bye-bye bugs…you’ve finally seen the light! Key

Best 2-1 Camping Lantern Portable Mosquito Zapper

Combines a mosquito killer and portable camping lantern in one Draws mosquitoes to the UV LED Zapout Bug Zapper killing grid| Camping Lantern provides portable light you can use anywhere Rechargeable battery No cords to plug in or wires to run| Use it anywhere| Provides up to 28 hours of lantern low light. 

Low, Medium and High lighting levels plus emergency flash Ensures you always have just the right amount of light| Emergency flash helps you signal for help during a breakdown or emergency| Provides up to 200 lumens of brightness. 

Rainproof and weatherproof For worry-free outdoor use. Versatile usage options Use as a freestanding table light, hang as an overhead lamp or use as a handheld flash light| Use as a mosquito and insect killer| Use both features simultaneously.

Additional information

Weight8 oz

Aqua, Black, Lime Green


Approx. 3.5" Diameter 5"H

Power Source

Built-In Rechargeable 2000mAh Battery Which Charges Via Included USB Cable

Material Composition

Plastic And Metal

Use And Care

Rinse Under Warm Water And Air Dry

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