Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Zapout work?

The Zapout-Fan Sucks All The Mosquitoes And Creates A Vacuum, All Mosquitoes Die Due To Suffocation In Created Vacuum And The Dead Mosquitoes Get Dropped Into The Holding Container.

Can the lamp be replaced easily at home?

No, You Can’t Replace It On Your Own; You Can Go To The Service Centre.

Where can I purchase the Zapper?

Which is the best place to locate the unit?

The Unit Can Be Placed In Kitchen, Sitting Place, Bedroom, And Hall.

How large area it will cover?

Depends On Some Factors Like Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Disturbances From Another Light Source Etc. Usually, It Covers More Than 60 Feet Area.

Is the Zapper Harmful for pets?

No, The Zapper Is Purely Natural; It Doesn’t Use Any Harmful Chemical, So It Is Safe. But It Should Be Kept Away From The Pets For Safety.

I am going camping, which of your product is suitable for me?

If You Are Going For Outing Either Camping, Trekking And Fishing, Our Portable & Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper Is Advisable. This Product Is Great For Outdoor Use.

Does Zapout produce smell and noise?

No, Zapout Is Quiet, Free From Annoying Smell And Noise.

Can I use the rechargeable zapper outdoor?

Yes, We Have Made It For Outdoor Use As Well As Indoor. It Is Completely Waterproof, So Can Be Used Even In Rainy Season.

Is there regular maintenance required for the Zapout unit?

Other Than Lamp Replacement, You Should Clean It Regularly. It Should Be Cleaned By Dry Cleaning Cloth In Every 6- 7 Days.

There are babies in my home, which Zapper is best for me?

You Can Go For Our Indoor Insects & Mosquito Zapper That Is Best For You. It’s Completely Safe For Babies, Kids And Adults.

Indoor mosquito trap

I want to open the trap for flush out, how can I do this?

To Clean Out Unit From Mosquitoes: Grab The Bottom Cover Handle With Your Hand; Turn Counterclockwise To Open The Bottom Cover, Clean Out Mosquito Debris. Just Make Sure All The Mosquitoes Are Dead Before Going To Open The Trap.


  • My Unit Is Not Working, What Should I Do?
  • This Situation May Have Risen Due To A Damaged Circuit Board. Kindly Replace The Unit.
  • The Unit Is Making Noise, What Should I Do?
  • This Might Have Happened Due To A Broken Fan Or Damaged Motor, You Should Replace The Unit. If An Object Is Stuck In The Fan That Also Can Be A Reason, In Such Case You Just Need To Clean The Fan.
  • What If, UV Lamp Doesn’t Work?
  • The UV Lamp Might Be Damaged, This Can Be A Reason, Need To Replace The Unit.

In how many days I can flush out the dead mosquitoes?

You Can Flush Them Out Daily And Can Clean The Unit Every 7 Days.

Outdoor rechargeable lantern

How much is the battery backup for the emergency lantern?

If It Is 100% Charged, It Can Work More Than 10-Hours. These Hours Can Vary According To The Use Of The Light Mode.

Can I use this even if there is rain?

The Answer Is Yes, It Is Water And Weather Proof, Can Be Used In Rain Also.

Can I use outdoor Zapper at home also?

Yes, This Is Developed For Both Indoor As Well As Outdoor Use.

How can I know if the zapper gets fully charged?

There Is Charging Indicator That Goes Red When Charging And Green When Fully Charged.

Can I charge when it is in use?

Please Turn Off The Light Before Going To Charge.

Intelligent light control

I have need of both table lamp and mosquito killer as well; can I buy intelligent light control Zapper?

Yes, It’s Perfect For Your Both Needs. It Can Work As Mosquito Killer And Desk Lamp As Well. The Additional Feature You Will Get Is Its Intelligent Light Control Mode.

How it works?

It Works Very Intelligently, In Morning It Activates The Mosquito Killer Mode And In Evening It Automatically Turns Off Mosquito Killer Mode By Just Sensing The Sunlight.

    Can I control the light intensity according to need?

    Yes, There Is A Dimmer Switch; You Can Set Light Intensity According To Your Need.

      Does this product consume too much power?

      Absolutely Not, It Is Very Economical And Power Saving Product, Consumes Only 4W In Mosquito Killing Mode And 1W In Lamp Mode.

        Air purifier Zapper

        I am an allergic/asthmatic patient; can I use Zapout air purifier?

        Yes, You Can Use Zapout Air Purifier Even If You Are An Allergic Or Asthmatic Patient, It Is Completely Safe To Use. It Removes All The Dust Particles, Airborne Bacteria And Germs, Harmful Gases And Odours As Well.

        Where can I use this product?

        You Can Use It At Office, Restaurant, Bedroom, Sitting Room, Hotels And Supermarket.

        Does it also remove bacteria and germs from the air?

        Yes, It Removes Bacteria And Germs From The Surroundings And Also Destroys Their Reproductive Ability.

        Does it attract mosquitoes from all over?

        Yes, The UV Light Attracts All The Mosquitoes From Every Corner Of The House.

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