• Easy And Safe To Use.
  • Bug Zapper Works Up To 22 Hrs.
  • 3 Different Lantern Brightness Settings
  • Great For Camping, Fishing, BBQ And Outdoor Entertaining

Amazing Features

An Effective Mess-Free, 360-Degree Indoor Insect & Mosquito Trap,
That Can Also Be Used As A Table Lamp In Rooms & Offices.

UV Technology

UV LEDs Attract Mosquitos Into The Trap


No Messy Zappers And Noxious Chemical Sprays

Cooling System

Comes With An Ultra-Quiet Fan

Complete Coverage

360˚ Suction Ensures Complete Insect-Free Environment


Easy To Clean And Maintain

Why Choose Us

We understand you need the best mosquito repellents to keep your family including your kids and babies safe. All Zapout products undergo stringent quality checks to ensure the best in class products for your family.

Lab Tested

All the products are completely tested and safe

Chemical Free

These products do not emit any toxic chemicals

Patented Technology

Zapout holds patent rights for all its products

Lifetime Warranty

We assure a lifetime warranty for all our products


When I received Mosquito Zapper Rechargeable Lantern, I charged it up put it outside on the table. I checked it a couple of days later and it was full of dead mosquitos. I brought it in and washed it under running water. All the mosquitos washed right off. I am very happy with this purchase and will always use it when I have a party on our patio.

-Amazon Customer

If there is a mosquito around, Mosquito Zapper Rechargeable Lantern will find it. So far this is working for mosquitos, so I ordered another set.

-HSN Customer

Mosquito Zapper Rechargeable Lantern does make a loud "ZAP" sound on the bigger mosquitoes and there are even a few tiny gnats in it!!! The light on the bottom has several setting so you can pick the brightness you even flashes!!

-Amazon Customer

Frequently Asked Questions


How does Zapout Works?

The Zapout-Fan Sucks All The Mosquitoes And Creates A Vacuum, All Mosquitoes Die Due To Suffocation In Created Vacuum And The Dead Mosquitoes Get Dropped Into The Holding Container.


How large area it will cover?

Depends On Some Factors Like Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Disturbances From Another Light Source Etc. Usually, It Covers More Than 60 Feet Area.


Is there regular maintenance required for the Zapout unit?

No, you should clean it regularly to get bright light. It should be cleaned by dry cleaning cloth in Every 6- 7 Days.


Does Zapout product produce Noise or Smell ?

No, Zapout Is Quiet, Free From Annoying Smell And Noise.

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